Monday, September 04, 2006

Run and Pilates

Ran 4 miles today. Ran to the gym, along one of the paths along the Isar river, then did a Pilates class at the gym. Took the U-Bahn home. It's amazing how much harder it is to keep your heart rate under control with a backpack full of gym stuff on your back. ;-)

Weather was nice for running - around 22°C. It was quite windy, but running along the Isar, you don't feel the wind, since there are trees on either side of the path, blocking most of the wind. Sunny, with some clouds, but again, the trees provide some nice shade.

Pilates here is rather different than what I'm used to back home. All the Pilates classes I took in Canada were Stott Pilates. I'm not sure what type of Pilates is taught at my gym, but it is different than Stott. The basic principles are the same - stabilization, s-curves, proper position and breathing, but the actual exercises are different. We worked quite a bit with a soft ball. Anyhow, I enjoyed it, so I'll be back again.

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