Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Run and some Yoga

Ran 5.25 miles today, keeping my HR @ <70% HRR for the most part. I couldn't keep it there on the hills, but the rest of the run it was okay. Stupid Garmin kept cutting in and out again. I can't wait until the new one arrives! So I might have actually run a little farther, but it was at least 5.25 miles.

The weather was quite warm: 22-23°C and sunny, but most of the run was in the shade, along the Isar river, so it wasn't too bad. Slight winds of 12-16 km/hr.

Also tried the Hatha Yoga class at the gym. Again, very different from yoga I've taken back in Canada, and this time, I just didn't enjoy it. Too much meditation and just lying there breathing, and not enough exercises and stretching. Oh well, I don't have to go back again.

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