Saturday, October 07, 2006

Blogging Chicks

Blogging Chicks
I've been noticing a lot of blogs lately with the Blogging Chicks blogroll, so, being a blogger, and being a "chick", I just had to check it out.

The blogroll is a group of women, who basically have one thing in common: they love to blog. It is a diverse group of women, from all walks of life.

To quote from the Blogging Chicks site:
This is a women's only blogroll. There are Christians and non-Christians on the blogroll. There are women who use profanity (but not excessively) and there are women who don't. This is a diverse group of women, intentionly so. There are no hate, spam or porn sites on the blogroll.
I'm looking forward to visiting many of the women on the blogroll (there are a lot, so it will take me a while!) and I've been fortunate enough to have many of them already drop by for a visit.

If you think you'd like to join us, you can find information on joining here.

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The Wooden Porch said...

I'm a bloggin chick. I haven't noticed very many hits I get from it though. I think it's a cute blog group to be in though.