Monday, October 30, 2006

Click & Comment Monday

Click &  Comment MondayCat has been promoting Click & Comment Monday. I am also posting this to remind you how important it is to comment on other blogs. It truly DOES increase your readership and you most often gain regulars that will visit your blog day after day.

What I encourage is for you to click my renter It's my Life. Then, you comment on the blog and click their renter or someone on their blogroll. Then you comment on that blog and click their renter or someone on their blogroll. Do this for as many blogs as you can. Sometimes they go full circle, and you end up at the originating blog, then just look up a blog in the blogroll and start the cycle again.

So, let’s get started! Comment here and add your name and link below.

I really encourage you to do this at least to 5 comments if you have ANY time at all. It will give you the joy of sharing a few of your opinions on posts and bring you future readers.

Thanks and enjoy Click & Comment Day by visting this page and adding it to your blog!

My tenant:It's My Life

Are you posting Click & Comment on your blog? Add your name to the list with a link to your blog and I’ll come visit. If you do this you not only gain links but new blog-friends as well.

Enjoy! I’m going to try to do this each Monday. Why not start your week off right?


Ghost said...

Popping over to your tenant now.

Have a Happy!

Kel said...

Hello, Click and comment Monday is awesome. I like your blog. Have a great day!

eve said...

hi! great site! going to your tenant now! (this is my first C&C!!)

Anias Nin said...

Found you via Cat's blog. Happy C&C Monday! Hope you had a great day!

Loup Dargent said...

I'm having a very fun
and bumpy C&C Monday
[going over Tuesday
afternoon - GMT]
But, a C&C Monday
is a C&C Monday is a
C&C Monday is a C&C Monday...
even a late one ;-)

All the best!

Talk soon :-)

Anonymous said...

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