Friday, November 03, 2006

4 mile run yesterday

Map of 02/11/06 runHubby came home at lunch again today (I love having him work so close!) and we went for a run together. :hug: 4 miles and a little bit. :-) Slowly starting to get back into the groove of things. The two miles without the big hill were faster than they've been. Still not as fast as my runs before I got sick, but faster than the last three runs. :-) So it's an improvement.

Wore my new running capris. :-) And a long-sleeved shirt for the first time this year. Had to dig out my light gloves and ear/headband too. We had our first snow of the season the night before - not much, but just enough to leave a light dusting of snow over everything in the morning. By the time we went out for our run, it was all melted. It was lovely out - sunny, with the temperature just above freezing, and a light wind.
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Gattina said...

He, he I run with you (I am slow like a snail and lazy like a dog) when do you arrive ? I think I should add all the kms you ran since I read your blog ! Probably you would already arrive here at my house !