Saturday, November 04, 2006

4.5 miles yesterday

Hubby and I went for a run together again yesterday. 4.5 miles down to the Isar river, along the bank of the river for a bit, and then back home.

It's starting to get chilly here in Munich. Had to pull out a light pair of running tights for the first time this autumn. Was comfortable wearing the light tights, a light long-sleeved technical shirt, a vest, a light pair of running gloves, and a running headband.

It started snowing a bit as we were about half a mile from home. Big, huge snowflakes, that didn't last. They melted not long after hitting the ground.

The run itself was okay. I'm still breathing hard during my runs, and my heart rate is still elevated. I'm feeling all right, except for the stuffed nose that just keeps hanging on. So I'm sure that's contributing to the high heart rate, and the slow running (that, combined with the week off before the Paris 20km race on Oct.15th, and then the two weeks off after the race due to recovery and illness.) Hopefully my wind and endurance will come back soon, since it will be time to start marathon training in a few weeks. We will hopefully be running the Vienna Marathon in the spring, if we can manage to train through the winter.

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Expat Traveler said...

that is awesome. CONGRATS!!!

Hubby and I need to get our butts out there running again too... Today isn't so nice, pouring rain just isn't fun to run in...

By the way, the hot air balloons are pricey... But that is so awesome if you go!!! Feb should be super snowy there, so plan ahead for snow even in that region...

It's definitely the snowest time of the year in Switzerland!