Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Foto Pherrets

Foto Pherrets
Hump Day Hunt - Week Forty-Seven

Even though Dr. Seuss said that it was a great day for this, I still hate doing it...

Our word for this week is:
These are some photos of my husband and I parasailing. We were in the Mayan Riviera region of Mexico during our weddingmoon (wedding and honeymoon) in April 2004. The parasailing was fabulous, and the company running the parasailing (Riviera Maya Parasail Adventures) was very professional. My husband has his wings from doing skydiving training in the military, and he was very impressed with the professionalism and safety of these guys.


Teena said...

I'd love to do this sometime but I'm too scared! Ha!

Mine's up too :)

Soulful_SensitiveStreak said...

I've always dreamed of going parasailing. It's a bit expensive here. But maybe in the future, I'll have the chance to fulfill that dream.

I'm sure it was a wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing.


Sephiroth said...

Just thought I'd say hi as I'm trying to visit and comment on as many of the NaBloPoMo blogs as I can. :)

I'm in agreement with teena; I'd be too scared to jump from a plane. ;)

Lisa said...

That looks like so much fun- I've always wanted to try it. Gorgeous photos and perfect for the 'up' theme.

Lady Starlight said...

You are MUCH braver than me. Great up picture.
Thanks for playing. =)

Gattina said...

Oh my, nothing for me ! After having been "up" in the kitchen from last week, since this morning I am "up" not only from my bed, but also for this !

Irish Church Lady :) said...

looks like a blast!

I would love to do this but not hubby as he's afraid of heights. I think next time I get the chance I will. I'm not gettin' any younger!