Friday, December 15, 2006

6 Miles Yesterday

Yesterday I had a beautiful run along the Isar River. The weather was beautiful here in Munich, sunny with hardly any wind. Temperatures around 5°C. Just beautiful running weather! Hard to believe it's December, and that Christmas is only 10 days away!

I ran 6 miles, keeping my heart rate under 70% of heart rate reserve. Since my left calf has been acting up on me a little bit (it has a tendency to get very tight, even with lots of stretching), I walked up and down the large, steep hill out of the Isar River Valley, because I didn't want to put any added stress on the calf muscle. So I ran 1 mile, walked down the hill, ran 3 miles, walked up the hill, and then ran 1 mile home.

I was very happy with my splits for the first three miles. Looks like my speed is finally starting to come back, although I'm still very slow.



Soulful_SensitiveStreak said...

Glad to hear that you're beginning to get back to your pace. Keep it up!


Shoshana said...

I surely missed my last child still needs me for I am waiting til he's not wanting any more.

Was that you who own that super cool watch?

I am thinking my mother might need./want it for a present.

Well...not your watch :D
something similar.