Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Foto Pherrets

Foto Pherrets
Hump Day Hunt - Week Fifty-One

They're coming! They're coming! And I am not ready!

Our word for this week is:

Christmas 2005
Here is a collage of photos from our Christmas holiday celebrations last year. On the left are my husband and I, in front of my parents' Christmas tree. The other shots are from under our Christmas tree.


Anonymous said...

As I am not allowed to comment with my official name i.e. Gattina (yes it's me) I have to be "anonymous" ! Google refuses the "old" Bloggers since yesterday. You both look great and what a lot of gifts under the tree ! it just looks like our tree, lol !
The idea of posting "anonymous" I got only now, and I don't know why, it was when I saw your Christmas tree !

Lisa said...

Wow- that is a lot of presents under the tree! SO much time spent wrapping. I'm impresed. ;-)

Lady Starlight said...

Woo Hoo! We old bloggers have finally been let to comment.

Lovely holiday photo of you and your hubby.

Thanks for playing. =)