Friday, March 02, 2007

20 Mile Long Run

Map of 20 mile runHubby and I ran 20 miles through the Englischer Garten today.

elevation chart for 20 mile runWe had a GREAT 20 miler! :grin::grin::grin: (Motionbased says we ran 20.34 miles to be exact. ;-)) A run like that gives me a lot of confidence for the marathon. :-) The first 11 miles were amazing. I was just in a groove and motoring right along. One of those days when running feels easy and everything just flows. :cool: Just totally awesome. :cool: The next 8 miles were still good. Didn't flow quite as well, probably because we were running into the wind at that point, which was blowing quite heavily (around 25 mph) plus I was starting to get a little tired. Amazingly, my legs really didn't start feeling sore until around the 17 mile point. Sure, after 12 miles or so they were tired, but not sore. I was amazed. :cool:

The last mile I had enough juice left to kick it into high gear, and so I did. :cool: Ended the run on a great note. :grin: I have no doubt that if I had been mentally prepared for it, I could have gone 26.2 miles yesterday. So that's a great feeling. :-D

Kept my HR under 70% HRR for the first 11 miles, let it creep up to 75% for miles 11-17, then just let it rise to where it would after that. Like I said, the last mile I was just giving it, so my HR was up there.

Except for the wind, the weather cooperated. The rain stayed away, except for a few light sprinklings, and it alternated between overcast and sunny. Temperature was between 6 and 8°C (around 46°F)

You can view the full map of our run here.

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Michelle said...

Wow. That sounds fantastic.

I had an 18 miler like that - just could have kept going and going.

I am so excited that your training has gone so well - you two will rock the marathon!!!