Monday, March 05, 2007

Weekend Workouts

Well, the cold water and ice bath on Friday after our 20 mile run worked, because my legs weren't too sore this weekend. I was tired after the 20 miler, but not in pain or experiencing a great deal of soreness.

Taught "Step and Tone" at the gym on Saturday. I had a medium-sized class, which was nice. Used the BOSU for the sculpting/tone portion of the class for a change of pace.

Sunday I ran 3 miles, nice and easy. Legs were tired, but it felt good to stretch them out.

Hubby and I are now registered for the Hamburg Marathon on April 29th. We've both our flights, hotel and registered for the race!


Gattina said...

Wonderful ! I hope you also have time to visit the city ! Although I have never been there it is a very nice city and the habour is sooo big. BTW there (bold underligned) you can hear very good german. Officially the best german is spoken in Hannover.

Michelle said...

Okay, AWESOME work! You must be so pleased about the aftermath of your 20 miler.

You and DH will do so great!

Gattina said...

We brought Kim to the vet yesterday because she was full of knots (see cat blog) and I took a picture of Dragonhearts breed with description, but in french. If you want to have it, I would need your email. It's written in french, but that doesn't matter to you.
There they say that Sphynx cats are very easy to take care off, because they don't need anything not even a bath. Now I wonder why the German vet said the opposite and if he is not very informed and used to this breed, I would check. Maybe bathing once a week is not that good for Dragonheart.