Thursday, September 07, 2006

20 Kilomètres de Paris

So it's official. I've signed up for the 20 Kilomètres de Paris, a 20km race in Paris where I'm meeting up with a bunch of the European forumites from the Runango Women's Forum. grin

I fly into Paris on Friday, October 13th, and I'm staying at the Mercure Tour Eiffel, right near the Eiffel Tower, and more importantly, the race start. I fly back to Munich the evening of the 15th, after the race.

The only problem is that I need to get a medical certificate saying that I can run the race! shocker! I've never had to do such a thing for any race in Canada, so this is a new experience for me. I also don't have a doctor in Munich yet, so I guess I'm going to have to find one! Guess what I'm doing tomorrow? winkwink

So now I have a race on my calendar. I have no real goals, since training was interrupted by our move to Munich, and I'm not fully acclimated to running at altitude here. Munich is fairly flat - it's on a plateau - but I've always lived at sea level before, and Munich is up about 568 meters (or 1669 ft.) Not terribly high up, but just enough to feel it running.


Shash said...

Good luck with the race! I haven't been to Paris since 1999 ~ say hi to the city for me!

p.s. where in Canada were you from?

p.s.s. I've had to comment differently due to blogger beta doesn't work for regular blogger types.

Caylynn said...

I'm originally from Winnipeg, but lived most of my life in Ottawa. :)

rach said...

good luck with the upcoming race! it must take lots of self discipline and dedication to be a good runner. keep it up!