Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Easy 5 miles with hubby

Heart rate from 12/09/06 runHad a great 5 mile run this evening with hubby. looooooove I am still loving my new Forerunner 305. looooooove It's working great. It never lost the signal, and it's continuing to read my heart rate clearly. I'm also loving the auto-pause feature. When we come to an intersection, and have to wait for a break in traffic to cross, I don't have to hit "pause" and then "start" when we get going again. The Forerunner automatically pauses when it detects that you are no longer moving (if you've turned on the auto-pause feature), and starts up again when it detects that you are moving again.

Map of 12/09/06 RunWeather was lovely. Sunny and 24°C, but we were well shaded by trees most of the time, so it didn't feel that warm. It was also a bit windy, but with all the trees lining the Isar river, we didn't feel it.

You can see a graph of my heart rate to the right. I was able to keep it in the proper zone (<70% of HRR) except on the hills. The one big peak is on the big hill coming up from the Isar river valley. The dips are where we were stopped at major intersections, waiting for traffic to clear so we could cross.

You can check out the map of our run here.

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