Monday, September 18, 2006

Easy recovery run and Pilates

Map of 18/09/06 run
Deuter Running BackpackRan to the gym today, a nice, easy 4 miles, keeping my heart rate under 70% HRR. Tried out my new Deuter running backpack, which worked wonderfully. looooooove Of course, running with about 5 pounds work of gym stuff on my back made for a slow run, but since it was a nice, easy, recovery run, that's okay.

Took a Pilates I class at the gym once I arrived. It was a very good class. Some of the exercises are very strenuous! Lots of work for my abs and back. We worked quite a bit with one of the soft Pilates balls, which I had never used back in Canada. The instructor was very good, and offered plenty of individual corrections, which is great. It's so important to do the exercises properly with Pilates. Some of the exercises were particularly difficult because my legs were still sore from yesterday's long run, and then the 4 miles to the gym.

You can view the map of my run here.

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