Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday Music Mambo

This week's Monday Music Mambo asks:
  1. Name one new band/artist (with a debut album released within the last three years) who you enjoy a lot.

    Jet. Their debut album Get Born was released in 2003. Are You Gonna Be My Girl was just a great rockin' song. I still have it on my MP3 player - it's a great running tune.

  2. How do you discover new music?

    Listening to the radio (the current rock station as opposed to the classic rock one). For new dance/pop/top 40 music, I usually discover new songs and artists when I buy music for my group fitness classes. Group fitness music has to be full of energy, as well as specially edited to be at the right tempo, and phrased properly. A lot of music I would never have discovered any other way, I've found on group fitness CDs that I've purchased to use in my step or high-low classes.

  3. Name a band or artist who you'd love to experience for the first time back when they first made a name for themselves. In other words, what band would you time-travel to see perform?

    The Beatles. They were just so amazing, and their music is still wonderful today. Unfortunately, they had broken up before I was born, and had stopped touring long before that, since the fans were so noisy they couldn't even hear themselves play. So I would have liked to have seen them play in one of the smaller venues, before "Beatlemania" took a hold of North America.

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