Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Rally in Toronto to Back Troops

This week, according to the Toronto Sun, there will be a rally in Toronto to support Canada's Troops.

Last week there was a rally in Ottawa, to show support for the troops.

Canadians are being asked to wear red on Fridays to support the troops. You can read more about Red Fridays at this site.

As a Canadian army wife, I ask all Canadians to wear red on Fridays, to show their support for the men and women who serve in Canada's military. Regardless of whether you support the mission in Afghanistan or not, the troops are deserving of our support. As a military wife, I thank you.


Kiki said...

Hi! I surfed here from Wednesday Mind Hump! I am also an Army wife (and former soldier), in the US Army. My husband is currently deployed in Afghanistan and I live an hour from the border of Canada, not too far from Ottawa. I love your red on Fridays idea. Very patriotic!! ::hugs::

Teena said...

I wore red yesterday :) I didn't see anyone else doing it though :(