Friday, September 15, 2006

Speedwork today!

Heart rate for 15/09/06 run
Map of 15/09/06 RunI took my new Forerunner 305 out for its first run in overcast conditions today. It worked flawlessly. looooooove Even with cloud cover and tree-lined paths, it never lost the signal. looooooove The heart rate monitor works great as well.

Today was my first day of speedwork since starting Heart Rate training. Ran 6 miles total. Today's workout was 1.8 miles warmup @65%HRR (the odd distance was to get me down to the paths alongside the Isar river, which are relatively flat, straight, and don't involve crossing any major intersections), then 1 mile of striders (which consist of accelerating for 100m, followed by an easy jog for 100m), then the speedwork: 4 x 200m @80%HRR with 200m recovery between each one, finishing up with a cooldown of 2 easy miles @65%HRR.

So what's this HRR? Heart Rate Reserve (HRR) describes the difference between a person's Resting Heart Rate, and Maximum Heart Rate. This is what I use to determine my proper training zones. As a person becomes more fit, as their HRrest will drop, the Heart Rate Reserve will increase.
HRR = HRmax − HRrest
To find my Training Heart Rate, I use the Karvonen Formula:
THR (Target Heart Rate) = (HRmax − HRrest) x Intensity + HRrest

So, for example, for my 80%HRR intervals, I determine my THR this way. My HRmax is 213 bpm, my HRrest is 55 bpm, and the desired intensity is 80% (or 0.8).

THR = (213 - 55)x0.80 + 55 = 181.4

If you are interested in learning more about Heart Rate Training, an excellent site is the Sports Coach site.


Teena said...

I'd love to be a runner. I'm very jealous! I bought a "Running for Dummies" book last year and worked up to jogging on a treadmill for 30 minutes straight. Whoohoo! But I found it very boring. So I envy those who can do it.

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Thanks for your response on my blog and links to here.

I have a heart rate monitor but I don't use it anymore.

What I found frustrating is it would beep all the time, telling me I was above my desired HR level but I felt fine running at that level. Should I start using it again?

If I use the formulas you have - how do I determine my maximum HR?

Thanks for the info BTW!