Thursday, September 21, 2006

Speedwork today

Map of 21/09/06 runMy Thursday Thirteen can be found just below this.

Graph of heart rate for 21/09/06 runToday was speedwork day. It consisted of 3 km (1.86 miles) easy jog warm up, at less than 65% of HRR, 1 mile of striders (repetitions of 100m accelerating to a sprint, then 100m decelerating to an easy jog), 3 x 400m repeats @ 80% HRR with 200m rest between each repetition, ending with 1 mile easy jog cool-down at less than 65% of HRR.

In the chart of my heart rate, the first group of high peaks (in the middle of the graph) is during the striders. The second group of 3, that are a little longer, are the 400m intervals. The last big peak is climbing a big hill up from the Isar river valley.

Weather was beautiful for a run. It was 15°C when I started, and 18°C at the end of my run. Nice and sunny out, but not too warm, and most of my run was along shady, tree-lined paths. Light winds, about 10km/hr, but I never felt them. Just a great day for a run. It was nice to stretch my legs and run "fast", well, fast for me, since I'm not a terribly fast runner.

Heard and saw plenty of ducks out on the Isar river, as well as a lot of gulls. Some of the trees are starting to change colours and drop their leaves. I just really enjoy running on the paths along the Isar river and through the Englischer Garten. Munich is such a great city for running.

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