Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Take Me Back Tuesday - Week 89

Music Memoirs
This week...let's recall Radio

Do you like listening to the radio? why or why not?

  • Yes I do. The radio stations I listen to play the music I like (rock and classic rock mostly) but a wider variety than I would choose on my own (they have a wider variety to choose from - not just the songs I have on my MP3 player, or on CD)

How many songs can you remember that are about the radio or mention radio in the lyrics or title?

  • AM Radio
  • Video Killed the Radio Star
  • Radio Ga Ga

Do you have any memories associated with the radio?

  • When I was in high school, one of the local radio stations held a "Scavenger Hunt" event - each day, for a couple of weeks, they announced a new item to collect. At the end of it, if you had all the items, you booked an appointment with the radio station to have the items verified, and then you were invited to a big party, where they held a draw for the grand prize. There were a group of us who collected the items, and my friend Mike and I, who had been the group leaders, went to the party. I don't remember all the items you needed to collect, but one of them was an 8-track tape, and one was a ticket stub from the last time the Grey Cup (CFL - Canadian Football League championship game) was held in Ottawa. We didn't win the grand prize, but it was fun.

Have you ever called in a request to your favorite station?

  • Yep, and once my request was aired on the radio. At the time my father was working in Saudi Arabia, and it was my parents' anniversary. I called in a song for my parents, and they played my request and the song.


If you could request a song right now what song would you pick

  • Tough one. I have a lot of songs that I enjoy, and most of them are on my MP3 player. I guess it would be "Hung Up" by Madonna. I just really enjoy running to that song right now.

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