Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tempo Run Today

My Thursday Thirteen can be found below this and the post below. Thanks.

Heart rate for 28/09/06 tempo runRan 6 miles today. 2 miles easy jog warm-up (at less than 65% HRR), 2 miles at tempo pace (80% HRR), 2 miles easy jog cool-down (at less than 65% HRR).Map of 28/09/06 run

The two tempo miles were great. The first one was speedier than the second, but they were both good. On the heart rate graph, the large plateau in the middle is from my two tempo miles. After the two tempo miles, during my two cool-down miles I had to walk quite a bit to get my heart rate in the right zone, but that's perfectly normal.

A larger map of my run can be seen here.

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