Friday, October 27, 2006

Canadians: Wear Red on Fridays

Support Canada's Troops
Canadians are being asked to wear red on Fridays to support the troops. You can read more about Red Fridays at this site or here.

As a Canadian army wife, I ask all Canadians to wear red on Fridays, to show their support for the men and women who serve in Canada's military. Regardless of whether you support the mission in Afghanistan or not, the troops are deserving of our support. As a military wife, I thank you.

More resources on supporting Canada's troops:


Irish Church Lady :) said...

Yes I wear my red on Fridays. Did you know it started in Ottawa?

karaoke queen said...

I'm just dropping in to say hi. I thought I should pop in to all the Canadian links and check them out :)

TC said...

I never heard of Red Friday before. I will start wearing red on fridays.