Wednesday, October 04, 2006


So everyone in the Bloggosphere seems to be talking about this new service called eXlinks. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of details available yet, but the people behind eXlinks have this to say:

So you want to get more exposure to your website or blog?

The Kinetiq Team is inviting any BlogMad user to sign up for a service thats going to blow your minds and boost your site.

Some people are after traffic, some want readers and others are chasing backlinks to boost their rankings on search engines.

No matter what your need or want is, eXlinks is going to sort that out for you.

It’s the site that’s going to burst traffic to your site.

How does it work? Well we can’t share that just yet, but we’ll give you a small hint, it’s based on referrals so sign up now and invite your friends!

It will be going live in the next few weeks and when it does it WILL blow you and your competitors out of the water. In fact you may want to invite your competitors because eXlinks will be for everyone!

We’ll be doing a complete explanation soon enough but we urge you to trust us when we say that this is going to happen fast and furious so get in on it NOW!

I've included my referral code in all the links above, so if you are interested, I would appreciate it if you would use the links I've provided. Thanks.

Don't forget to stop by my tenant for this week, and leave her a comment or two. Thanks.

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