Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Having a Portrait of Whiskers Done

I'm so excited! I've commissioned a portrait of my Siamese cat, Whiskers, who sadly had to be put down on September 1st. He would have been 20 in November, so he lived a good, long life.

One of my running friends is also a very talented artist. She is creating the portrait based upon the photo to the left.

You can check out the sketch that she has done of Whiskers here, and then the first layer of colour here. You can also read her comments on the process.

I can't wait to see the next step in the process!

While you're visiting her site, check out her other art. She does absolutely beautiful work. She paints a lot of ACEO (ACEO stands for Art Cards, Editions and Originals.) If you want to read more about ACEO, you can do so on her site. The nice thing about ACEO is that they are small and fairly inexpensive. So if you enjoy art, it is a great way to start and develop a collection.

If you have any interest in art, be sure to check out her site.


Maribeth said...

Oh that will be so nice. I want to do the same with a picture of my girl Shubi (a wire-haired dachshund), who passed away in February. She was simply the best pet I have ever had.

Michelle said...

Wow what a write up! LOL.

I'll be posting the next layer today, I think it'll be a huge change to what is up now. :)

Irish Church Lady :) said...

O what a gorgeous cat he was! That is a great idea to get his portrait done!

I've been thinking about doing that for my dog myself. I was just looking the work of a lady who does pet portraits at a craft fair last weekend.

DKRaymer said...

Oh my, Whisker's was absolutely beautiful. I'm sure the portrait will be stunning as well. Just dropped by to welcome you to the Thursday Thirteeners. Your blog is fun - so much to explore! Have a fabulous weekend and drop by my blog anytime.

adria said...

That is going to be so beautiful! What a great idea to remember a lovely and wonderful pet.