Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I'm injured

I'm on the injured list. :cry:

Don't know what happened. Had a GREAT 12 miler with hubby on Sunday.

Then, as we were walking home (our cooldown after the run), my left calf started tightening up. It tightened up so much that I could barely walk, and hobbled home. :-( Trying to flex the foot caused major pain, and I spent the evening icing it, and keeping it propped up on pillows. Every time I had to get up (ie. to use the bathroom) I couldn't walk normally - my foot wouldn't flex enough to allow my heel to contact the floor. So I was walking around on my toes. My right calf is a little tight, but it can walk normally.

Went to the doctor (orthopaedist) yesterday and I have extremely an extremely tight, knotted calf (knots in a couple of places), and a calf strain in my left leg. :-( The knots are pressing on a nerve, which is causing the foot numbness/tingling. My right calf is also extremely tight.

I'm to keep off of it, and keep it elevated until Thursday, when I see the physiotherapist. This afternoon (48 hours after the injury) I can start applying heat and gently stretching the calf. No exercise (except upper body lifting) until the pain is gone.

As for the Paris 20K, maybe, maybe not. Just have to play it by ear, and see how the calf progresses.

This sucks. :-( I've been doing everything right - slowly increasing my mileage, running according to heart rate, stretching, and strength training. The distances I've been running are nothing new - I've trained for three half-marathons and one full marathon previously, so I've run farther than 12 miles dozens of times now. Don't know what happened.

For now, put me on the DL list. :-(


Maribeth said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. I used to run, years ago, until I sustained a hip injury. It was give up running or get a new hip in five years. Now I walk.
Anyway. I hope you recover quickly, fingers crossed!

Soulful_SensitiveStreak said...

I'm sorry to hear that Caylynn.

I hope that you will recover soon and I also hope that it won't affect your future runs.

Take care,