Thursday, October 19, 2006

My New Tenant: Bold Contemplations

Bold ContemplationsThis week's Tenant is Bold Contemplations. Angela's site is beautifully designed, with wonderful pictures, and many thought-provoking posts. It's a great read, so be sure to stop by.

Angela describes her site as:
"A place to express your opinion and engage in lively debate on varying topics both significant and light-hearted."
One of her recent posts discusses gravity, and what it would be like if you were the planet Pluto. Interesting stuff, that makes you think!

She's also a fellow engineer, and I'm always excited when I met other female engineers. There are more and more of us out there all the time, but we are still the minority.

So, if you are interested in well-written, interesting, thought-provoking posts, head on over to Bold Contemplations. Tell her Caylynn sent you. :happy:

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Angela said...

Hi Caylynn! Thanks for the kind intro and thanks for having me for the week!