Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wednesday Mind Hump

Wednesday Mind HumpThis week's Wednesday Mind Hump:
Today is You Go, Girl! Day, according to my trusty sources. All I want you to do . . .
Tell us about a woman who has done something you think is noteworthy. It could be a musician, a scientist, an athlete, or even your daughter.
Roberta BondarBack in 1988, I was fortunate enough to be chosen to attend an International Girl Guide Camp in Saskatchewan, called Echo Valley. While I was there, I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Roberta Bondar, Canada's first female astronaut, and the first neurologist in space. Since at that point in time I hoped to study aerospace engineering at university, it was amazing to meet her (I later chose to study biological engineering, after the bottom fell out of the Canadian aerospace industry in the early 90s).

(Photo courtesy of NASA)

When I met her, she hadn't yet flown in space, but she was still an incredible individual to speak with, and a great role model for all of us young women.

She is also an alumnus of my alma matter, the University of Guelph, where she obtained a B.Sc. in zoology and agriculture.

A short biography of Dr. Roberta Bondar:

Roberta Bondar was born in Sault Ste. Marie on December 4, 1945. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in zoology and agriculture from the University of Guelph in 1968, a Master of Science degree in experimental pathology from the University of Western Ontario in 1971, a doctorate (PhD) in neurobiology from the University of Toronto in 1974, and a Doctor of Medicine degree from McMaster University in 1977.

In 1983, she was selected as one of the original six Canadian astronauts and in 1992, aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery, Doctor Bondar became the first neurologist in space and also the first Canadian woman in space. Roberta Bondar, the second Canadian astronaut in space, retired from the astronaut corps shortly after returning from her journey into space because she wanted to devote more time to her research.

Doctor Bondar is an officer of the Order of Canada and has been elected to the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame for her pioneering space medical research.

For more information on Dr. Roberta Bondar, you can check out the following links:


KnicKnac said...

Excellent choice! Thank you for sharing!

Russ said...

Thanks for humping! Wow, yes, she is very noteworthy. As are you, for running in that marathon in Paris you're talking about a few posts up!