Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday's Feast

There is no Friday's Feast again this week, while the chef is on vacation. Instead, I will provide you with this announcement from the chef at Friday's Feast:
The chef will be on vacation until November 17th. Please don't cry; your tears might fall into the soup and make it too salty. :wink:

From 11/1/06 to 11/17/06, we are running a contest to replenish our stock of questions. Here's how it will work:

-- Send an email to with at least 3 unique, original questions. (Please do not send questions that you find on other memes or in books. The best questions are the ones you make up yourself!)

-- For each group of 3 original questions you send, your name will be entered once into a drawing to win a $25 Gift Code! (So if you send 30 questions, your name will be entered 10 times.) Your questions will be used in future Feasts. (If you win the contest, but are unable to use Gift Codes, I can send you $25 via PayPal or mail.)

-- Please spread the word and post about this contest on your blog! I'd love to have lots of participation in this contest (because it's fun and it will help me out, too!).

-- All entries should be emailed by 10:00PM EST on Thursday 11/16/06. At midnight on Friday, November 17th, there will be a brand new Feast, and the winner of the gift code will be announced.

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