Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday Madness

Monday MadnessThis week's Monday Madness Question:

Using the letters in your name (first, last, both, whatever), describe your life!

I'm using the First initial of my First name, and my full Last Name

C - Canadian (I'm proud to be Canadian)

M - Marathoner (I've run one marathon, numerous half-marathons, and plan to run another half and another full marathon in the spring)
I - Intelligent (okay, so I'm not being very modest here, but I did graduate at the top of my class both from high school, and from university in engineering)
L - Loving and very much in Love with my husband
L - Lively (our lives are never boring - we have so many hobbies and have visited so many interesting places and plan to visit many more)
S - Silly (hubby and I love being silly together, and watching silly shows, like The Muppet Show together)


Soulful_SensitiveStreak said...

Hi Caylynn. It must be very fulfilling to be a serious marathoner. Wow, you should really be proud of your great achievements in school. Great job! Having a loving husband is a great blessing. Oh, I also love being silly with my husband and son. It's brings laughter in the house.


meowminx said...

Thank you very much for the birthday greetings :o)

I am off to do MM, am late too! LOL

Jessica said...

You sounds so healthy and active! You should be proud of yourself!

Dawn said...

Great answers. I wouldn't have enough guts to run a marathon! My DH would like watching the Muppet Show, too!

sherle said...

Fantastic characteristics!!! Nothing wrong with tooting your own horn. I really admire your energy... have a great week!

JO said...

I could never run a marathon, I'll be out of breath in 10 minutes...

thanks for visiting my blog!

Karen & Rick said...

I think your answers are great. You should always be proud of all of you accomplishments!

Have a great week and keep being silly, it makes life so much more fun!


Karen & Rick said...

Thanks for stopping by Caylynn. Glad to see I'm not the only one up doing this in the middle of the night!