Saturday, November 18, 2006

My New Tenant: The Screaming Pages

I'm very happy to announce that my new Tenant is The Screaming Pages. After discovering She's blog through Thursday Thirteen, a meme that we both participate in, I've been a regular visitor. She, like me, is as a military spouse, and supports our Canadian troops. So naturally, when I saw that she had placed a bid to be this week's tenant, I had to accept.

There is, however, much more to her blog than opinions on the military. She describes her blog as:
"Exploring the world through travel, education and introspection. Topics range from learning & development, military, grieving, to general rants about daily life."
Her posts are always interesting to read, so head on over. Let her know that Caylynn sent you. Thanks!


she said...

Thanks so much for letting me hang out at your place this week Caylynn. You know I really enjoy your blog, so it's an honour for me to sit in the sidebar for the next few days ;)

Cat said...

Happy C&C Monday - going to visit your renter after browsing your blog a bit.

MyUtopia said...


she said...

The week is over and I need to pack up my stuff and go. Thanks so much for hosting my blog this past week. Have a great one and good luck in the CBA's ;)