Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Run and Step Class

Map of 13/11/06 run
Heart rate graph for 13/11/06 runYesterday was a good workout day, although my run was very slow. Oh well, I'm sure my speed will come back in time.

Ran 7.5 miles total yesterday. Ran 6 miles continuously, then walked up the long, steep hill our of the Isar River valley, and ran the rest of the 1.5 miles home. It was windy out, but it was a warm wind, so it wasn't too bad. The wind was in my face for about half the run, but then at my back for the remainder, so that was good. The wind speeds were up to 37 km/hr and the temperature was around 10°C. A few times during my run I felt a few scattered rain drops, but no heavy rains.

Then last night I went to the gym for a step class. I'm still getting used to the step classes here in Munich. Very different from back home in Canada. I've taken, and even taught, some advanced step classes back home, but the step here is not at all the same. Some of the things they do are considered contra-indicated back home (ie. too dangerous for a general population in a group fitness environment). Here in Munich there is hardly any warm-up, no cool-down and no stretching after the cool-down in the cardio classes! :shocker!: They also step much faster than we do in most places in Canada, and they use a lot of pivots, twists, and spins. I'm used to some of those in advanced step classes, but here, nearly every move has a spin or pivot attached to it. When done at the warp-speed they use here in Munich, it's taking my poor legs and feet some time to adjust!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog, Caylynn. I have enjoyed looking through your blog.

Gattina said...

My goodness, you are running again ! I think you are approaching Belgium ! I was looking for your Photo Pherret "Run", for you the ideal theme (or meme) but as your blog is full of running,lol, I wasn't sure if you posted it already. Apparently not. Will come back, don't run away !