Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Step Yesterday, 10 km Run Today

Map of 21/11/06 RunYesterday I went to the gym and took a step class. I'm finally getting used to the warp speed that they step at here in Munich, but I don't do all the spins that the instructor does. It seems every single move involves a spin, and I just don't like spinning that much! So I just left out a bunch of the spins, and still had a good workout. I also lifted upper body yesterday.

Heart rate graph for 21/11/06 RunToday I went for an easy run. 10km total. 5 miles steady running, and 1.2 miles run/walk cooldown. The weather wasn't as nice as it was last week. It was cloudy, it rained a bit, and the temperature was around 8°C, with winds about 10 km/hr. On the way out the wind was in my face, but it was at my back on the way home.

Elevation graph for 21/11/06 RunI kept my heart rate under 70% of heart rate reserve, for the most part. The large dip in the heart rate chart after mile 1 happened as I was running down the big hill to the Isar River valley. The big spike just after mile 5 occurred as I was running up that hill on my way back. The peaks and dips during the last mile correspond to my walk/run intervals.

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