Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Foto Pherrets

Foto Pherrets
Mama pherret is frozen. Yesterday she saw a little bit of this begin to fall...

Our word for this week is:

Christmas means snow, right? At least, back in Ottawa, Canada it did. I guess all of our "snow" photos must have been put into storage back in Canada when we moved to Germany, because I could not find a single "snow" themed photo!
So, here you have a couple of Christmas trees, which say "snow" to me. The photo on the left is of our tree back in 2005, and the photo on the right is my parents' tree last year.


Gattina said...

One in gold and one in red, beautiful ! I have no snow either, I can't remember that it snowed here once at Christmas. When it snows its in Jan/Feb but not very often. I also put a substitute for snow ! What are the poor Australians doing with their 33°C at Christmas ???

Mandy said...

Very pretty trees indeed! I love the gold ribbon decorations. Trees I like, snow I don't!

Teena said...

Lovely trees!

Mine's up :)