Monday, January 22, 2007

Click & Comment Monday

Click & Comment Monday
I'm participating in Click & Comment Monday. What is Click & Comment Monday? It's a day where you are encouraged to visit new blogs, find posts that you are interested in, and leave a comment. Leaving comments on other blogs helps to increase your readership and you may gain some new regular readers, or find a new regular read of your own.

What I encourage is for you to click my tenant Living with Multiple Personalities find a post that interests you, and leave a comment (please leave a real comment, not just "Happy C&C Monday"). Then, click on their tenant, or a link on their blogroll, and leave a comment there.

Please, when you visit my tenant, DO NOT JUST COMMENT "Happy Click & Comment Monday." The idea is to find a post that you are interested in, and provide an intelligent comment. If you can't find a post that you are interested in commenting upon, then just move on. Thanks.

A previous tenant, Recommended, wrote an excellent post on how to properly comment. Melissa, from Cat's Cradle Creations, also has an excellent post on proper comment etiquette.

So, let’s get started! Comment here and add your name and link below.

I really encourage you visit at least 5 different blogs and leave 5 different comments if you have ANY time at all. It will give you the joy of sharing a few of your opinions on posts and bring you future readers.

Thanks and enjoy Click & Comment Day by visting this page and adding it to your blog!

My tenant:
Are you posting Click & Comment on your blog? Add your name to the list with a link to your blog and I’ll come visit. If you do this you not only gain links but new blog-friends as well.

Enjoy! I’m going to try to do this each Monday. Why not start your week off right?

1 comment:

TorAa said...

This is a very good call to the blogger society. I ask my self, is it really a must to ask people jumping around from blog to blog and give real comments to blogs they feel for?

My curiousity drags me out in the cyberworld. Simply can't stop it. But I'm aware of the danger: Too many nice bloggers you feel you had to comment, than I can reach over.

But, I gripped the challenge this time as well....