Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Foto Pherrets

Foto Pherrets
Hump Day Hunt - Week Fifty-Four

Today is a very special Day for Mama Pherret's favorite guitarist, so...

Our word for this week is:

Feeding each other wedding cakeFeeding each other wedding cake

Our wedding on the Mayan Riviera, April 22, 2004. The uniform my husband is wearing is a Canadian Forces army officer "Mess Kit" - their formal uniform and the equivalent of a civilian tuxedo.


Lady Starlight said...

How did I know that this is what I'd see here?!

So cute!

Thanks for playing.

Michelle said...

Man, seeing that blue sky and water is making me so sad that its -30*C (if you include windchill) with 50 km/h winds.

So. Sad.

Oh yeah, now I want cake too. LOL.

Gattina said...

Hhmm, looks like tasting very good and the cake looks so pretty !

Your background makes me sad ! It's so grey and rainy here. I wished to have some blue sky !

Heart of Rachel said...

Lovely cake and lovely couple.

Rose said...

What a lovely wedding picture.