Tuesday, February 27, 2007

10 Miles Today

Ran 10 miles today down to the Isar River and through the Englischer Garten. It was a pretty good run. My average pace for the run was about Marathon Pace - MP (the pace at which I hope to run the marathon.)

It was overcast and around 5°C, with winds around 25 km/hr. Fortunately, for most of the run, the wind was at right angles to me. I did have three miles into the wind, and my pace was slower than MP for those miles, but my other miles made up for it. My last two miles in particular were quite a bit under as I was going for a "fast finish" run.

After the 10 miles were completed, I walked another 2.5 miles home.

1 comment:

mike said...

You have more ambition than me...but then I'm getting old and frail...some may even say lazy too.