Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Weekend Workouts

On Saturday I was at the gym, as usual, teaching my "Step and Tone" class. It went quite well. It was a medium-sized class, neither tiny, nor full. I seem to have developed a small, but loyal following of individuals who want simple but athletic step choreography. Here in Germany, most of the step classes involve a lot of spins and turns, and that's just not my style. I do a few more spins and turns than I would back home in Canada, since I am in Germany, but I can't totally change the way I teach.

After class, I lifted back and biceps and did some exercises with the stability ball. I need to keep my upper body and my abdominals strong for the marathon. I used the assisted pull-up machine, which is my favourite piece of strength training equipment, after the stability ball. I hope to work up to being able to do one chin-up/pull-up unassisted.

Sunday I ran 6 miles through the Englischer Garten. Did 2 miles @ 70% Heart Rate Reserve (HRR), 2 miles @ 80% HRR, then 2 miles cooldown, just running easy, trying to get my heart rate back under 70% HRR, but it stayed up around 75% HRR.


Gattina said...

You made biceps ? Hope you don't look like Popeye now ! Avoid spinach !

Manchild said...

Hello Caylynn,

I found you through blogexplosion.com Out of respect, I must tip my hat to you for being able to run a marathon. What inspired you to run your first marathon?

At what point during a marathon does the pain in your lungs and legs stop, or do you simply push past the pain and ignore it?