Thursday, August 31, 2006

Running and Group Fitness

Taught my second class auf Deutsch (in German) yesterday. :-) It went well, although I find I'm not using the right gender for nouns, even though I know the right gender! ;-) I guess my brain can't process all the different information required (the exercise we are doing, monitoring the class, speaking in a third language - French is my second language, etc.), so it just picks one gender for all nouns, and sticks with it. pbbt I wasn't quite as exhausted after it, this time, as I was when I taught last week, so I stuck around and did the "Fatburner" class after mine, which is essentially what we called back in Canada a "high-low" or "cardio sweat" class (traditional floor aerobics). That was fun. :-)

Today's run will be a 3 mile run (which will probably end up being a little longer): 1 mile warm-up @<70% HRR, 1 mile @80% HRR, 1 mile cool-down @<70% HRR. For the tempo mile, I want to be down by the Isar river, along a nice, flat path, with no traffic to worry about, which is why I say it will be a little longer - it's about 1.5 to 1.8 miles down to the River (depending on which route we take).

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