Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wednesday's Workouts

Well, my 5 miler yesterday turned into a 6.5 miler, since I got caught in pouring rain, and it was COLD pouring rain, so I ran home instead of having a nice, easy cooldown with a stop at the grocery store and bakery. So for the last 1.5 miles my HRM kept screaming at me that I was over my 70%, but since I did the 5 miles at the prescribed HR, I felt I could sprint the extra distance due to the rain. pbbt Unfortuantely, I now have chafing in more places than I've ever had before! mutmad I can only assume it's because I was SOAKED at the end of my run, as I had put body glide in all the usual spots, but I chafed in some new ones.

Today is a day off from running. I will, however, be teaching my second fitness class in German. :-)A Dome Bodystyling class. Bodystyling is what we would call Total Body Conditioning or Body Sculpting back in Canada - basically, a muscular endurance class. And a Dome looks like half of a stability ball. You can see one here. If I'm not totally exhausted after teaching, like I was last week, I'll stick around for a cardio class.

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