Friday, September 01, 2006

Today's Run

Had a good tempo run yesterday, but I think my Garmin Forerunner 305 is dead. mutmad sad One of the scrolling buttons doesn't work anymore, and three times, over the past two runs, I've had my distance go backwards! shocker! For example, it would beep for my 2 mile split, then when I looked down again, it was reading 1.98 miles! shocker! Definitely not right.

So, I may be picking up a 305 today. looooooove Well, ordering it onlne, and hoping it arrives fairly soon.

Anyhow, did, according to the Garmin, 3.6 miles yesterday - 1.6 miles warmup, 1 mile @80% HRR, 1 mile cooldown. Hubby thinks our total distance, based on time, was closer to 3.9 or 4 miles. ::shrug::

TodayI ran an easy 3 miles @<70% HRR. Then walked about 1.5 miles home as a cooldown.

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