Wednesday, September 20, 2006


This morning I attended a BodyART class at the gym. BodyART is described as a combination of yoga, physiotherapy, and Japanese Do In. It was very much like the fitness yoga classes I've taken back home. Lots of stretching, lots of strenuous positions to hold, lots of balancing exercises, all with a focus on breathing.

From the BodyART website:
BodyART connects elements from YOGA, physiotherapy, Japanese DO IN, own positions and classical breathing techniques through a synergy of workout and relaxation. The goal of the BodyART training is to gradually ensure the correct functioning of the entire body by functional strengthening and stabilisation of all the elements involved with movement.
It was very strenuous, and I was sweating almost as heavily as I do in a cardio class! I very much enjoyed it, and I will be back again. I need to work on my flexibility.

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