Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Step Class and Dodging Oktoberfest Visitors!

So right now Oktoberfest is on here in Munich. I'll be posting more on Oktoberfest in the future, after we attend the festivities, but for now, let me say, that the city is incredibly crowded! Munich's public transport, which is normally very efficient and well-run, is put to the challenge with so many visitors here during Oktoberfest.

The step class that I wanted to attend was at 6:30, so I had to leave the house around 5:15. First of all, the S-Bahn that I take to start was 5 minutes late. Plus, it was packed. A lot of people heading to Oktoberfest, and a lot of visitors to the city. Then I transferred to the U-Bahn, which was also packed. We were shoved tight in there like sardines! No room to move at all. Then the bus. Well, one of the buses I can take (the earlier one) broke down. So I had to get on the other bus, which came about 5 minutes later. It was also packed. No room to move at all.

So getting to the gym was an adventure!

The step class itself was lots of fun. But boy, do they ever step FAST here in Germany. I was fine until the last 5 minutes of class, when the instructor just cranked the speed. I just can't step that fast - my legs don't move that quickly with a step in the way! It was high-low speed for me. Back home, where I taught in Ottawa, we do step at about 128-130 bpm, and high-low at about 140-155 bpm. Significant difference! So doing step at that kind of speed is something I'm just not used to, especially when there are a lot of spins, twirls, moving over the step, and really advanced moves. Back in Canada, during our certification, we were taught that those types of moves aren't safe at really fast speeds. ::shrug:: But other than those last 5 minutes, I had a blast in class.

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