Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Cats on Tuesday

Cats on TuesdayGattina is hosting a new meme for those of us who are owned by cats, called Cats on Tuesday. Visit her blog and join in the fun.

Our Sphynx kitten, Dragonheat, loves to sit on his cat tree and watch the world go by outside his window.

He especially enjoys watching the birds fly by, or the ones perched in the trees.

His room, where the cat tree is located, gets the morning sun, so it is normally bright and warm in the mornings. The cat tree is also right in front of the radiator, which is located under the window, so it is nice and toasty warm on his cat tree in the winter.


Gattina said...

He becomes cuter everyday ! What a sweet little face and so huge eyes. He looks like being very funny. I am sure you both enjoy him very much. A house without an animal seems so empty to me and it's nice that your husband gets not allergic. He also is a very practical cat because you don't have to pick up hairs or vacuum all the time ! I find it not normal that cats are not allowed to be free in Ottawa, Arthur would immigrate to another country and Kim too, they both are not inside cats at all. Pookie and Lisa wouldn't bother.
Thanks for your proposition to help me with the blogroll. I will try if it works otherwise I will screem "pleeaaase help meeee" !

The Artist said...

What beautiful photos, best wishes, The Artist

Debbie said...

The more I view pictures of this cat the more intrigued I become. I want so badly to pet him and see how he feels! He is such a cute fellow! And he does appear to be keeping an eye on all he sees!

Jodi said...

My kitty likes to look out the windows too. I am still very much intrigued by your kitty. With no fur, does he get cold?

Heart of Rachel said...

I like that photo where he is gazing out the window. He looks as if he's day dreaming. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures.

Rhea said...

I've never seen a cat like that before. Those ears! That skin!
Really different.

mar said...

He looks so cute looking out the window!!!

Anonymous said...

Your cat is a very lucky cat :)
from helen