Friday, September 29, 2006

3 easy miles

Today's run was 3 easy, recovery miles. I'm very glad that a short, easy run was on the schedule, because my legs were rather heavy. That's to be expected though, since they worked hard yesterday and had a great tempo run.

The weather was lovely, sunny and warm, but not too warm. Kept my HR under 70% HRR, except on the couple of hills.

Since my legs were feeling tired and heavy, I'm glad that tomorrow is a rest day, since Sunday the plan is to run 11 or 12 miles, which will be my last long run before the 20 km race in Paris.

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Irish Church Lady :) said...

I admire the amount of running you do and long distances. I am a runner too but lower distances.

My goal would be to do a half marathon one day. My goal right now is to stay injury free!

Good luck with your upcoming race.

BTW - what do you mean when you say tempo run?